Biggest Loser 15 Finale Controversy : UPDATE

Just thought I’d offer a quick update to my post of a couple of days ago.  The Biggest Loser 15 Champion Rachel Frederickson appeared on The Today Show on NBC to address her controversial weight at the finale. Even though Rachel didn’t admit that maybe she went too far or drifted to an unhealthy way weight ( nor did I expect her too)  in my opinion Rachel looked much better only 3 weeks later.

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Rachel looks great on the Today Show you can obviously tell that she has put on some weight since the finale WHICH SHE NEEDED TOO!!! To me her face and her arms both looked far more healthy than they did when she took the stage during The Biggest Loser Finale. This makes me think that Rachel just took it a little too far in her attempt to be Biggest Loser Champ. I think if we all look at our lives we can find something we might have gone a little too far with. Even if Rachel never admits she went too far on her road to the finale I’m just glad that she already looks more healthy than she did just 3 weeks ago. Congratulations Rachel I truly hope you enjoy the new you!


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