The Biggest Loser Season 15 Ep2

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It’s the dreaded second week on the Biggest Loser ranch the week that everyone comes back to reality. Week 2 is where most contestants hit a plateau and they realize that it’s not gonna be as easy as it was in week 1 every week.

This episode started out with big Ruben Studdard got a serious dose of reality when he went to see Dr.H. Ruben found out that he is diabetic which is scary for anyone to find out. Type 2 Diabetes is reversible but it’s also very scary when you hear that you feel like you are destined to die early. Before I started my own weight loss journey I was told that I was close to having diabetes and even the thought of that was scary for me so I completely understand how hearing that he has diabetes could be a very scary realization for Ruben. Back in the gym Dolvett had a heart to heart with Jennifer where she shared how much shame she has because her young daughter is 70 pounds over weight.jennifer_messer_biggest_loser_season_15 I can’t imagine the feeling of knowing that your daughter at a young age is already that challenged because of her weight and that you may very well be the reason to blame. Fighting back tears Jennifer told Dolvett that even though she knew her daughter needed help she couldn’t be the one to help her because she couldn’t help herself. Dolvett told Jennifer that without even saying anything she could have the right kind of impact on her daughter, just by being positive but it starts by LOVING YOURSELF. I absolutely loved that Dolvett told her that because to me that is the secret to weight loss success. You can want to change for everyone else in your life but if you don’t love yourself enough to want to change for YOU  you won’t experience true life change and weight loss success.

So to add a little DRAMA!! to this week’s episode the contestants were told that only one person will be representing each team’s weight which to me is such an incredible amount of pressure to put onto team member but after all this is a TV show so we have to make it dramatic. The blue team won this week’s challenge so they get to roll two dice and let Bob pick which one of the two people who will represent his team. The highlight of this week’s episode was seeing Lindsey one of the kid ambassadors from last years Biggest Loser. To see where she started last season and where she is now was absolutely awesome!! She was healthy and active and the coolest part was she seemed like she was truly happy with herself!! I don’t know if they would ever do this but I would love to see the Biggest Loser do a season with kids one year, I think doing that would have a major impact.

The numbers in this week’s weigh in weren’t  what I would call staggering but for Week 2 they were pretty good for the most part. Hap the new daddy was the man chosen to represent the blue team and he pulled the biggest weight loss of 13 pounds.The Biggest Loser Fernanda represented the white team and Jillian and she pulled a very disappointing 2 pounds. Poor Jillian man she just hasn’t caught a break in the weigh in’s since she came back, if it wasn’t for having Danni Allen last year Jillian would have been wiped out halfway through last year’s season and she has lost the first two weigh in’s of this season. I feel like Rachel on the red team may be this year’s Danni she seemed like someone who already has had that light bulb moment where everything clicks and she is determined to have success. Tanya was chosen as the red team representative and she pulled 4 pounds which isn’t good but it beats Fernanda and the white team. So the white team is the first team to lose a cast member and that member was Fernanda , not only did she let her team down but she has to go home which has got to be a blow to her already fragile self-confidence. I guess due the new hour-long format this year and being up against The Voice means we have to wait till next week to see Fernanda’s transformation moment. My hope for Fernanda is that she has made great progress.

See you guys next week




The Biggest Loser Season 15 Ep1

Unknown 2Alright so first let me apologize for my absence I haven’t written anything in a long time. The 15th season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser kicked off last night and with it I will again do weekly blogs with my take on the show. This season they are going with the theme of second chances. They added a special twist to this year by letting Bob, Jillian and Dolvett participate in the casting which I thought was a good touch. These guys have been doing this for years and if anyone can tell who is going to take this seriously and give their all its those 3.

There were 4 people who stood out in this years cast, the first being Ruben Studdard the former winner of American Idol. Ruben who was a large man back in his American Idol days checked in and was the biggest guy on the ranch at a whopping 462 pounds!! There was also Holly Mangold a former Olympic Weight lifter and the brother of NFL player Nick Mangold. Rachel who was a former Olympic level swimmer really comes off as a girl who is there to work and gets that this a second chance to have the life she was meant to have. The final cast member that really stuck out to me was David who is a widowed Dad who promised his wife that he would get in shape before she passed. David had an incredibly hard first workout and actually at one point ended up quitting his workout which was disappointing. After getting picked by Dolvett to be on his team David rebounded and lost 38 pounds in week 1 !!! I haven’t watched every single season of this show but that’s the most I remember by anyone in the first week.

Watching The Biggest Loser last night I was reminded what I love so much about this show, it truly is the most inspiring thing on television right now. Here are 15 people who are opening up their lives and showing the entire world what they look like. That is a strength that when I weighed over 400 pounds I did not have. I would lie to people about my weight and act like I didn’t struggle physically as much as I truly did. There was one lady in the interview process who admitted that she had been married for 8 years and was too ashamed to be completely naked around her husband! Now that’s an incredibly sad thing but I admire that lady so much for being able to admit that.

The theme of second chances really inspired me last night. I felt like I was given that second chance and lately I have not been taking advantage of it. Instead of doing the most I can , I got lazy and started using some things that have come up as excuses and The Biggest Loser reminds me to stop doing that. We can always say I can’t do this because “I don’t have the time” or “I’m just too busy” or ” No matter what I do I just can’t seem to lose weight” if you try hard enough you can always find a reason not too. The first thing The Biggest Loser teaches you is to stop thinking negatively and start thinking positively and thinking of what you can do instead of what you can’t do. YES I know that on the confines of the ranch filming a TV show it’s a lot easier to do that but the same principles can be applied to life outside of The Biggest Loser also.

Starting next week I’ll be blogging immediately after the show and my posts will be more about the actual show tonight than this weeks was. I look forward to another season of inspiring life change and to watch another group of people truly grasp the opportunity they are given , a chance to be happy and live the life they want!

See ya next week!

The Biggest Loser Season 14- Season Finale

the-biggest-loser-60It’s the end of the road for this season of The Biggest Loser and the season finale is always an awesome show. There is a time gap between the last episode and the finale so often the contestants look even better than you last saw them. Their isn’t a whole lot to break down or give my perspective on in the finale since it is pretty much just weigh ins so this one will be a little shorter but I’ll just pick out some highlights.

One of the coolest things of the episode to me is when the contestants walk out next to the graphic of their original selves. Don’t get me wrong their reactions are absolutely cheesy but it’s still really cool just to see the crazy difference between their original selves and what they look like today. Jackson was chosen as the third finalist which was kinda disappointing I was kinda hoping for Joe , he and Danni were neck and neck all season long in challenges and on the scale and I thought he deserved it.

lisa-rambo-biggest-loserEvery finale starts with the contestants who are fighting with for the at home prize. Some of the standouts to me were definitely Alex she looked awesome!!! What a beautiful girl and it was really cool to hear Alex say that the turning point for her was finding confidence, to me that is the most important thing in this journey finding that confidence you never had before. HOLY CRAP!!!! Lisa looked absolutely fantastic!!! Talk about a transformation, she looked like a completely different person. Lisa lost a total of 108 pounds which was amazing!! She lost 43.9% of her total body weight. The other at home contestant that stood out to me was David, his story of not feeling like he could take care of his special needs daughter was heart breaking. David lost over 100 pounds and looked like a new man. Congrats Lisa and David!!

bl-danni-allen-2-200x300The other two finalists looked INCREDIBLE!!!!!, Jeff literally looked like half the man he used to be. Hearing Jeff’s story and the feeling of making his dad proud with his weight loss really hit home for me and I am beyond happy for Jeff. Just like I felt how proud my Dad would be at my journey , I know that Jeff’s dad is looking down on him and beaming with pride. Danni looked absolutely AMAZING!!!! Holy crap!!!! I haven’t watched every single season of this show but I don’t remember such a drastic transformation, she is in INCREDIBLE SHAPE!!!!!!! I’m not gonna lie I’m a little biased since Danni has read this blog before and commented on it but I mean WOW!!!!!! The Biggest Loser was DANNI!!!!  She lost 121 pounds which was awesome!!!! After seeing Danni come out for her reveal moment I was certain she had won it was just obvious to me. CONGRATS DANNI!

The Biggest Loser is not about losing weight , it’s about transforming lives and what you saw tonight was a group of people who had truly experienced that. Even the contestants who didn’t lose as much weight as some truly looked like different people not only on the outside but in. Joe talked about it briefly before he weighed in , the true happiness you feel once you find that inner confidence and you rediscover that love and pride you have in yourself is worth so much more than any money you can win. Now don’t get me wrong 250,000 dollars is nothing to sneeze at but Jeff and Danni won so much more than money tonight they won happiness and their lives back.


The Biggest Loser Season 14- Episode 11

the-biggest-loser-60It’s the homestretch , only 5 competitors left and quite frankly all of them are worthy of being in the finale. Getting to the end of the season is always really cool because you see the true life change in the contestants not just from a weight standpoint but a mindset standpoint.

This week in a sense was all about looking back on how far each contestant has been. Seeing the emotion in each contestant as they see just how truly how far they’ve come is something that I won’t lie made me tear up. It made me remember feeling that same way myself , I remember the days of not feeling like I could walk up a hill or having to sleep with a Sleep Apnea mask like Gina did. The coolest part of a weight loss journey is the little things you notice along the way and it was fun to watch each of these contestants be able to sit there and watch the change they’ve experienced right before their very eyes.

slide13-ytv-BiggestLoser-Makeover-Jeff-jpg_055953I identified with Jeff tonight more than I have all season long. Hearing Jeff speak about the feeling of being 24 years old and not wanting to be alone brought me back to the same feeling I had when i was 400 pounds. Jeff realized that he has to be able to love himself to let others love him , that is something i had to face myself so I am extremely happy for Jeff that he has found that love of himself that I did also. I also really feel for Jeff with the loss of his Dad ,  my dad passed very suddenly but before he did I knew he was genuinely afraid that I was going to die before he would. Just like Jeff knows that his Dad is the happiest for him , I know my Dad feels the same way. Jeff my friend you deserve to be happy and know in your heart how happy and proud of you your father is.

Watching all the contestant videos was an extremely emotional time for me I can’t lie . i fought back tears on multiple occasions watching the contestants journeys.  I think after going through this journey myself seeing other people experience the journey and being able to rediscover their happiness is something that really brings joy to my heart. Bob said in this episode and it’s something I truly believe in now  You can do anything you set your mind to. Being able to watch each one of these contestants experience this first hand and truly blessed my life and it’s the reason The Biggest Loser is so much more than a tv show. Seeing Danni’s body transformation was absolutely AMAZING!!!!  Danni has somehow been able to put on 19 pounds of muscle on top of losing 84 pounds!!!  Seeing the pictures of her stomach was CRAZY!!!!  Danni has definitely been my fav all season and I am extremely happy for her.  Hard work and dedication pays off and Danni is proof of it!

I was kinda jealous of the final challenge it’s something I’ve wanted to do but never done which is tried to see what it would feel like to have all my weight back on me. I honestly have wondered if I put 180 pounds back on would i even be able to stand. I think each contestant got a vivid picture of where they were tonight so they know what they don’t want to go back to.  I might have to figure out how to do this some day…  Although I’m not sure I want to do it in the snow on a mountain .. Altitude sucks!

3515_10151346017550894_928441429_nI think Jillian’s last talk to Danni during last chance workout was really good and truly hit the nail on the head of what the important thing is in life. The Biggest Loser isn’t about winning money or winning a game show, don’t get me wrong that stuff is great. It’s about life change and it’s about learning how not let fear and what other people think run your life.  Jillian said we don’t control the world but we do control is how we respond to the curveballs life throws us. That is absolutely true! I had to learn that through my own journey,  and that’s what each contestant learns. I used to turn to food and other unhealthy ways of living when life threw me a curveball and it got me to weigh 400 pounds. Now when life throws me a curveball I don’t go back to my old ways or when I start to I can realize it and stop it before it gets way too far. Now each contestant on this show realizes the same thing , they each know new way to combat life’s curveballs.

I have no idea how she keeps doing it but my girl Danni busts out an 11 pound loss in the final week!!!! People on the show with a whole lot more weight to lose than she does didn’t post that big of a number but through hard work and determination Danni keeps pounding out big numbers and doesn’t take No for an answer. She lost 6.32 % of her body weight in the final week!!! Danni is a freak!!  Gina went home on the red line but had a great attitude because even though she has been annoying throughout the season Gina gets it, Gina realizes it’s not about money it’s not about winning Gina knows she has gotten her life back and that is far more important. Danni and Jeff are locked in for the finale and Jackson and Joe are left to let america vote between the two of them.

I can’t wait to watch the finale next week because you see even more transformation in each contestant which is awesome. I think each one of these contestants recognize not only do they have a chance to change their own lives but they can also be an inspiration to other people who are going through the same thing themselves. Each of these contestants is an inspiration and I’m excited to see the next part of their journey next week on the finale.

The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 10- Makeover Week

the-biggest-loser-60This week is probably the coolest week on the ranch it’s the one all of the fans look forward to , it’s the one all of the contestants look forward to it’s Makeover Week! It’s the first time for the contestants to get out of the sweats and see what their hard work has gotten them. Each contestant got to get a world-class makeover and then get to go home and show off to their families.

NUP-152565-1387-JPG_200922I never had a “makeover” but I remember that feeling of finally being comfortable in your own skin for the first time. Clothes is such a trivial thing but something as simple as being able to wear something you have never been able to wear before is such an empowering thing. Listening to my girl Danni talk about being able to shop in stores all her friends shopped about I completely identified with it. I was at the same place , I remember having to shop in Big and tall shops and looking for something that i felt looked good and similar to what everyone was wearing. I still remember the first time I was shopping in a very trendy store and when I asked for a certain size of jeans and the clerk told me they may not have them because it’s the most common size. He had no idea at the time but that comment meant the absolute world to me and made me feel for the first time like a normal person. So seeing Danni bust out a pair of skinny jeans and feel confident in them was a really cool moment because I remember that feeling.

It was really cool to see Joe go home and his brother had done such a great job losing work at Home was awesome. I can only imagine how good that was for Joe to see that if his brother can do it at home than so can he when he gets back.  I felt for each contestant watching them go to restaurants and face the temptations of home. That is a temptation you face every single day but when your journey is so new to you it is SO HARD to make those right choices. The further you get on the journey the easier it gets but it never gets completely easy. Jeff had a great mindset when it came to his time in a restaurant with his friends,  you can’t expect every one around you to change , when your back in the real world you must have the will power to be able to order a salad when everyone around you is ordering wings, or fried stuff.

Watching Danni and her dad was really awesome, seeing her father be inspired by Danni’s efforts was really cool. It really seems like Danni feeling her own life coming back to her has helped her realize how precious her time with her father is , and also helped her to want to pay it back and help her father find his health again too. Seeing the contestants lead workouts was pretty cool for me , I’ve never personally led a workout but I have the incredible blessing of feeling like you are inspiring people to change and improve their life is such an indescribable feeling. I love that each Biggest Loser contestant gets to feel that feeling. The biggest Loser has done so much for america already but this Challenge America concept is so awesome and I hope it truly inspires America to life change because we need it.  Watching tonight’s episode inspires me to not only continue my own journey but to figure out a way to where I can expand my own reach and help more people change their lives.

Every contestant had the chance to earn immunity by losing 5% of their body weight and they all did it!!! Not only did they do it but a lot of them knocked it out of the park!! You always wonder with this show whether or not these contestants will stick with this life change after the show but after watching this episode I truly feel like all of them will , some may be a little more successful than others but none of them will go back their old selves which is absolutely awesome. Dolvett said everyone left on the show is rock star and I believe him.  It’s gonna be a fun ride to finals to see who makes it and what they look like … My money is still on my girl Danni!!

The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 9

the-biggest-loser-60This week opened up with a kinda cool but weird occurrence in the challenge. Jackson sacrificed himself to go home instead of fighting to stay. It was a pretty cool moment for Jackson though because he wanted it so that he could prove to himself that he could do it at home. That’s a big moment for anyone who goes through a weight loss journey , when you hit that moment where you realize I don’t need this diet or this environment I can do this on my own the sky is truly the limit for your success.

I won’t lie Gina most weeks absolutely annoys the crap out of me most of the weeks she is an absolute whiny drama queen and I can’t stand people like that. This week though I felt for Gina and identified with her when she had her talk with Jillian. I can remember feeling that same way , pushing people away and not being close to people and turning to food for that fulfillment. When you are completely unhappy with yourself and insecure your mind justifies things in a weird way. You feel like it’s just easier to be by yourself and find fulfillment with food then with people. Hopefully this is the start of a new beginning for Gina where not only does she continue her success with her physical transformation but she begins the more important transformation of being happy mentally and emotionally as well.

Face your fears week was pretty cool for the most part seeing each contestant tackle something they were afraid of. I thought Sunny’s conversation with her mother was really cool and took a lot of guts and bravery to have. I have never had to have that conversation with a loved one but I have been on the receiving end of it when I was in my own state of being so unhealthy.  My hope and prayer for Sunny is that she can help inspire her mother to change.  Danni’s fear was singing in public and when she sang she is actually REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!! Although I must say Danni even though I’m a big fan the Star Spangled Banner was an extremely random song choice!!! Every week life change seems to click more and more with Danni and it’s really cool to see. Whether Danni goes onto win this show or not I have no doubt in my mind she has already made the most of this experience and will be successful in life past The Biggest Loser.

Overall this week has been really cool because I think they tackled something that is a leading cause in people being obese and struggling with their weight. Fear is a crippling thing to so many people ,  I’m not good enough, I can’t get that job ,or that person would never like me, I’ll never be enough. I was completely paralyzed by it I never thought someone could love me and that led me to turn to food because it was always there for me. Seeing these contestants face their fears head on and realize that they can defeat them was awesome.  I think this week will be a major turning point for these contestants and maybe the first time they truly realize I can do this and that even after I leave the Biggest Loser Ranch I will be a new person.

My girl Danni continued rocking it on the scales this week with a massive 10 pounds!!!  She seems to think she is going home just about every week and continues to perform. I keep thinking it’s Danni’s week to go but she is a machine and I can’t see her going home any time soon. Alex goes home at the weigh in and she looked completely freaking different on her reveal!!!!  She has lost 70 pounds and she lost a ton in her face!! Good for Alex she was one of the contestants I wondered if they would have success and it seems like she has found that drive and will succeed.

It’s makeover week next episode which is always a really cool episode. I never got a “makeover” but I can identify with part of it, that moment when you can start fitting into clothes you have always wanted to but never could before is such a great feeling.  One you never forget you finally feel like you look good and are a normal person which feels really good. Makeover week serves as the beginning of the home stretch to the finale , if I had to pick a winner right now I’d go with either Danni or Joe but I’m leaning Danni.   Who do you think? 

The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 7

the-biggest-loser-60This week the contestants broke into Singles. Singles is always a an interesting time each season because you get to see who really can do this on their own and who can’t. The people who excel in singles will be the people who have no problems when they get to life off the ranch.

With Singles came each contestant working with different trainers during their workouts. Each trainer chose contestants this week and Jillian happen to choose Jeff. In typical Jillian fashion she was all over Jeff’s ass and Jeff just could not handle it. After the workout Jillian sought Jeff out in his room to have a heart to heart conversation. I have to say that even though i think Jillian can be a little over the top in her workouts she is so awesome when she has the contestants one on one and has an uncanny ability to get her contestants to open up. It truly is a gift and it shows that she truly does care about not only her contestants physical health but their mental and emotional health as well.

Tonight was the first night I had felt an emotional connection with Jeff. I completely identified with Jeff when he described feeling like life is dark and dismal and it should be bright and full of hope. I felt the exact same way for SO LONG!!! I think that Jeff has already seen glimpses of how bright life could be for him and my hope for him is that he continues to pursue that. If he does Jeff will find a level of happiness he never knew existed.  Hearing him talk about losing his Dad was rough and I really felt for him. Hearing him talk about suppressing his feelings because it felt easier sometimes was exactly what I used to do. I think what Jeff is realizing is the same thing I did that when you do that eventually it just eats you alive and you turn to food or other destructive things. I hope that Jeff continues to learn how to express himself in a positive way and doesn’t bury those feelings if he can master that he will truly find a lot of success in his weight lost journey.

NUP-152261-1217-jpg_000319I think big Michael might have finally had his light bulb moment this week. Dolvett seemed to reach Mike in a way that Bob never did. Hearing Mike talk about not wanting to be mediocre and wanting to excel was inspiring to me because I think we all fall prey to that at times. Sometimes it’s just easier to do the bare minimum instead of giving your all and doing your best.  Mike also got to see his wife and son this week which gave him a little extra fire. Dolvett had a nice moment on a walk with Mike and his family talking and inspiring Mike’s wife to not only help Mike but to jump in the fight and begin her own weight loss journey. I want success for everyone in the house but with Mike is a young guy with a young child and was the biggest guy in the house, Mike needs to kick into that extra gear because he has so much life to live.

NUP-152261-0702-jpg_000313My girl Danni keeps KILLING IT!!! she won another challenge which is like 3 or 4 in a row.  Danni so far to this point is the superstar of the show. Danni won the right to have a family member on the ranch for a day which I can only imagine when you go away for 6 months how important that could be. I was blessed and fortunate enough to go through my weight loss journey at home with my family. Danni did a very cool and unexpected thing she got to choose someone to have their loved one on the ranch and then volunteered to give up her opportunity for the same so someone else could have that opportunity. I think this just shows the kinda person Danni is and that she truly gets what the experience she is having is all about. I remain super excited to watch Danni’s progress not only in her physical health journey but in her emotional and mental health journey because she already is showing such massive and positive change.

Well…. even though he dropped 10 pounds big Michael got sent home in the end.  Hearing Mike’s comments at the end was very cool , you could tell here is a guy with a new-found confidence and a new lease on life. In Michael’s reveal moment he had lost over 120 pounds!! He looked completely different and you could tell he his a happy and healthy man who has a positive outlook on life. I think that is so great for Mike because I know that feeling I know what it feels like and how much easier life is and I am very happy for him that he will be around for a long time to come for his child.  Mike I’m happy for you keep working hard and remember where you came from and the sky is the limit for you my friend.



The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 6

the-biggest-loser-60We kicked off this week with some crazy looking dice with each contestants picture on them. They roll the dice and the person it lands on that’s who weight counts for the entire team.  That’s crazy pressure to put on these people who are just now starting to find themselves and get a new perspective.  There was a cool moment in the opening scene where Jackson sees his old face on the dice and recognized what that face was someone who couldn’t do it and was unhappy and now he has changed and knows that he can do whatever he sets his mind too.  That is a cool moment for anyone when they have it.. I still see old pictures of myself and remember what I used to feel like and what that represents to myself. It is so motivating to see where you came and where you are now , I hope for Jackson that long after The Biggest Loser is over he sees those old pictures and it continues to motivate him the way it motivates me. I thought that was a very cool moment for Jackson.

The pressure knowing that you could be the only person to weigh in and if you don’t perform you cost your team a person is immense. For each contestant it’s a make or break moment , when the pressure is on are you going to come through or will you succumb to the fear of failure?  For so many of us that’s when we turn to our vice’s which in my case and these contestants case is food. If these contestants can not succumb to the fear not only will they find success on this show but when some form of pressure comes up in life they will meet it head on and not be afraid of it. I’ve said this in other blog posts but the biggest lesson I ever learned what has powerful your mindset can be. You can truly do anything you set your mind too and that’s what The Biggest Loser represents to me.  Yes these people lose a lot of weight and get in great shape physically which is awesome but the show teaches them a whole new mindset which is a to me is a far greater prize. The power of positive thinking is a fantastic weapon for anyone not only in weight loss but in any aspect of life.

I really sympathize with where Jackson was at in this episode I went through the same thing when I was big also. When you are completely unhappy with yourself you don’t feel good enough and you don’t feel like your life matters. I think Jackson is starting to learn it and once he figures it out that he is good enough just like Dolvett told him he will find a new-found level of happiness that will be indescribable. I really hope that for Jackson because everyone deserves to be happy and know that they are good enough and they deserve to be happy and to enjoy life.   Danni keeps dominating and wins another challenge it’s gotta be tough to be by yourself but Danni is killing it.  Keep it Girl!!

losers-600I absolutely love when they bring the kids into the show and involve them in the themes of each week. Hearing each student makes plans to lead by example and do something in their community. Watching Sunny who seemed like a such a shy introvert in the first episode leading a gym class was FREAKING AWESOME!!!! That’s so inspiring for me to see a kid getting it and changing their life. Bingo is a freaking stud!!!  Seeing him lead a sports club with some kids that look bigger than him was awesome, that has to be intimidating to lead kids who are bigger and older than you but he stepped right up and did it. Lindsay did a really cool thing in speaking to kids about bullying. There is nothing more intimidating than speaking in front of a group of people to me and for her to talk about something so emotional and personal as telling your story of being bullied was so awesome and such a cool thing for her to do. It takes a lot of freaking guts to put yourself out there for everyone and open your life up and I thought Lindsay did a great job. I’m so glad they decided to involve kids in the show now,  because I think it really helps to open up so many eyes of both kids and parents and will hopefully inspire them to change.  This is something i really hope The Biggest Loser continues to do, I think it would even be awesome for them to do a season with kids soon and really make a difference for childhood obesity.

NUP-152565-1387-JPG_200922My girl Danni is such a rock star and keeps killing it.  She was by herself and managed to keep herself in the game by continuing to pull solid numbers when she has no one to rely on but herself. Watching the transformation is Danni has been awesome, I really hope she can manage to find a way to stay in the house because I think she has what it takes to win the show. The Blue team lost their first team member this week it came down to Jeff,Joe and Danni and Jeff unfortunately lost. David got eliminated and it was probably justified he just wasn’t able to do the workouts with his injury. David looked freaking awesome when they did his reveal moment!! He had lost 87 pounds so far and you could just tell he was a guy who was happy and enjoying life which is something I truly hope everyone can do.  It was awesome to see David being active and being able to be the husband and father he wants to be again.  I absolutely love this show and what it does for people, it’s something I wish everyone would watch it’s truly inspiring and moving.

The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 5

the-biggest-loser-60Alright first let me start this by saying I apologize for being a day late on this week and missing last week all together. I was doing some traveling and slacked.    Before I get into last night’s episode i wanted to talk about the thing that stuck out about Episode 4 to me.

In Episode 4 the trainers left the ranch and visited all of the kids at their homes.  This was really cool to watch each kid be surprised by their respective trainer. The best part of the visits was hearing the families were active and helping the children in their quests to get healthy. When Bob went to visit Bingo and his family , Bingo’s mom shared that she had lost 27 pounds already and that she also realized that she realized that she had failed Bingo by not eating more healthy. This is sad but true.. when a child is young they are going to follow the example set by their parents. Hopefully there were a lot of parents who saw this and realized the same thing and just like Bingo’s Mom will be that they need to change their lifestyles for the health of their children.

Now onto Episode 5:

NUP-152565-1387-JPG_200922We come to the ranch this week with my girl Danni on the white team flying solo as the lone member of the white team left on the show.  The contestants were sent to the grocery store to do their own shopping this week and they had to shop on a budget. Anyone that has changed their eating habits and changed their lifestyle has realized that eating healthy can be quite expensive. I can still remember when I began to change my lifestyle that shopping for a new lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  I was very impressed to see them shop at a 70 dollar week limit per person.

Jackson of the red team seems to have really had a break through and had that light bulb moment.  He has a great attitude and shows a real fire and determination in the gym. Last week when the trainers weren’t on the ranch he kind of became the leader of the red team and he carried that new motivation into this episode. Bob’s Blue team seems to have hit a low spot this week , they are very worried about losing a weigh-in , Gina and Bob had a conflict at a workout when she admitted to not being committed.  When you’re in the middle of a weight loss journey you go through many peaks and valleys and it’s very easy to get discouraged so I feel for Gina. Hopefully Gina will rebound and find the strength to stay positive and keep fighting. NUP-152261-1049-jpg_000317David went to Dr. H to discuss his knee injury and it was revealed that he had a previous knee injury that could have possibly made his current knee injury worse. Bob and David had a discussion about David’s inability to ask for help and you see that David’s motivation is from fear of not being there to take care of his family. David internalized everything and that is so unhealthy I know from my own experience. I did the exact same thing and I always turned to food to cope when I didn’t feel good enough or I felt unwanted and I ultimately wound up weighing 410 pounds. I hope that David takes that major step and can stop internalizing everything because I think he will find such a new-found sense of freedom that will truly transform his life.

One of the coolest things about this show to me is the relationship the trainers have with their team members. They aren’t just their to work them out like when you pay a trainer at home , they really are life coaches and in a sense counselors as much as they are trainers. You had a chance to see how much Bob cared about his team members this week .  You saw in Jillian and Danni’s last chance workout that Jillian wanted to teach her how to be a fighter and that’s not just in the gym or on the biggest loser , Jillian wants Danni to learn that for life which is really awesome. The trainers can be extremely rough on these contestants but they truly do care about them and want them to be successful in life after the ranch not just only on the show.

Joe of the red team broke the 300 pound barrier this week which is such an awesome and major hurdle for someone. I can remember the day I did this and the feeling of it,  it’s a moment where you truly realize that this is possible and I’m gonna do it! I hope that moment spurs on Joe to keep working hard and keep fighting for his goals. Maybe Gina should worry every week she was terrified all week of not losing weight and she dropped 9 pounds. Bob’s blue team basically crushed another weigh-in all 3 guys dropped double digits including Jeff who I’ll talk about here in a minute. The two girls dropped 10 and 9 pounds respectively it was a great week to wear Blue on the Biggest Loser Ranch. Danni got her number she hit 9 pounds which saved her and Jillian for another week on the ranch. It’s really cool to watch Danni because you can see the transformation in Danni not just physically but mentally.. Danni is truly on the cusp of a major lifestyle change which is truly awesome to watch.

Jeff of the Blue team dropped 13 pounds this week and talked about how he could feel the change in himself. He went from being a discouraged and depressed person who is now hopeful and determined which is so awesome. I remember recognizing that change in myself and how amazing that feeling is. You realize that the reality of being so un happy and so overweight is not what you are forced to. You can have more you just have to want it for yourself and Jeff finally wants it for himself which is great. I hope Jeff sticks with it and really channels that feeling he has now because if he does the sky is truly the limit for him.

Lisa the mom of 4 went home this week in the vote. Lisa does seem to be one of the contestants that has truly changed and will not go backwards once she goes home and gets back to regular life. Lisa made a statement that I have truly found to be true … You can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it.  In her transformation moment Lisa looked AMAZING!! She has lost 76 pounds so far and has truly made that change which is so awesome. I can’t begin to tell you happy it makes me to see these contestants finding the happiness that I have found now.  Lisa you’ve done such a great job .. Keep Going and Never Look back!!

Alright sorry again that I slacked last week and was late this week. I will get back on track next week.





The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 3

the-biggest-loser-60This week opened up with the dreaded junk food challenge of each season.  Since the focus of the season is childhood obesity they were brought into a room with loads of junk food , TV and Video Games. As someone who turned to all of that stuff growing up I know first hand how dangerously bad for your health those things can be if you let them. Allison gave an incredible stat that the average child spends 4 and 1/2 hours a day in front of the television, it sounded incredible but after more thought I realized there were plenty of days growing up and even as an adult where I did the same exact thing. The blue team wound up losing the challenge and with that were required to be locked in the junk food room for 4 and 1/2 hours each day. No doubt it took an obvious toll on them from an inactivity standpoint but they did come up with a great strategy by dumping orange juice on all of the food making it to where they would not want it. Genius strategy!!!  Very proud of the blue team for withstanding that all week-long,  I can only imagine how hard it must have been.

I know how hard that battle of discipline can be it made me think back to the times where I was on a strict diet or teaching myself the discipline I have learned now. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was sit at a table in a Mexican food restaurant with my entire family and not eat anything!!  So I can sympathize with those contestants and truly realize how hard it was for them to just sit there with all of that food and not eat it. It’s easy to watch it on TV and say “oh i could do that easy” believe when put in the situation it’s a lot harder than truly realize it is. Once you train your brain and it becomes second nature to you it gets easier but when you’re in that beginning stage of your weight loss journey it’s incredibly hard thing to do. I was very proud of the Blue team this week.

losers-600This week they sent out a nutritionist to each of the three kids homes to talk to the families and the child. This was such a good move because I think if were all honest with ourselves childhood obesity is a product of the home environment it’s hard to admit but the parents have a huge part in why there kids are in the state they are. Bingo said something this week that just seemed crazy to me , that one time he sat in front of a tv and played a video game for 17 hours straight!!!! I couldn’t believe it when he said that it made me wonder whether or not I ever did something like that. Seeing each family with the Dr and seeing them be equipped and inspired with a new strategy to help their children’s lives. I’m excited to see not only these kids change but the hopefully there entire families change with them. Watching them throw away all the junk food in the house was really cool hopefully!!! they won’t replace it.  The Dr. had a good strategy when it came to sweets , she said it’s ok to have every now and then but don’t keep it in the house. That’s something I’ve learned myself it is ok to have something bad every now and then as a reward just like she said.

Weigh in tonight was definitely intriguing Bob and the Blue team had to deal with the repercussions of being in the junk room all week and Jillian and the white team were down to only 2 players!!  Bob’s team actually had a pretty solid weigh in losing a combined 41 pounds. That is an awesome total for the disadvantage they were given all week!   Jeff the guy who lost 29 pounds in week 1 and 0 in week 2 rebounded with a solid 11 pound week.  Dolvett and the red squad kinda struggled this week and only lost 20 pounds as a team. In a very cool showing Dolvett was very supportive of his team and praised them for all their hard work which was really cool and I’m sure made his squad feel very good.  The highlight of the weigh in BY FAR!! was Pam losing 9 pounds to save the white team for the first time this season. Pam erupted into some crazy dance celebration that was kinda awkward and really funny at the same time. It was funny to watch but I also think it could very well be Pam’s moment where she realized that she can do it just like Jillian said and she turns a major corner , only time will tell.

The voting this year seems to be done in a different manner , the contestants each went into a booth and chose a person instead of having to reveal in front of them like in seasons past. Kate was voted out in a very emotional vote which sent her home because they all felt like she was the most equipped to do it at home. Kate’s reveal moment was really cool , she was up to 40 pound in her weight loss journey and you could see a notable change in her!! She seemed very happy and was well on her way to her goal of running a marathon. Seeing Kate run inspires me to get back out there and get running again. That is the best part about this show seeing the positive life change in these contestants life is so rewarding and fulfilling for me. It’s something I’ve experienced myself and I love seeing it in other people.  That’s why I started this blog is in hopes that I could help other people experience the positive life change that I have.   Very excited for next week’s episode and the trainers hitting the road to visit each kid.

NUP-152261-0702-jpg_000313Last week I mentioned Danni from the white team and she actually found the Blog and left a comment on it which was really cool!! So a definite shout out to Danni this week!! If you are on twitter follow her  @DanniAllen14.  Danni I will be watching each week and hope you continue your hard work and keep dedicated!!! I know how tough and how hard the journey can be but as I’m sure you already know it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself and you will be so happy when it’s over!!